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RE/MAXEdmonton & area General Advertising Committee and the over 800 associates are excited to be part of  YEG Community Support portal. Helping you to access great items,  FREE to make your open to the public event-fundraiser-community initiative a huge success.

We have a variety of items based on first come first serve, size of the event, location, and our service team availability.

For those events under 300 participants please select from the "items for pick-up" section.  Events hosting more than 300 are welcome to request any items listed. (All requests will be processed and are subject to availability)

Our event enhancement items are categorized in two ways;

  1. Items delivered and installed by our nationally recognized service providers.  items include;
  • Jumpy castles
  • Hot Air Balloon 
  • 20' x 20' event tents

     2.  Items you are required to    pick-up through our Edmonton Depot

  •  10' x 10' pop up tents we have(up to 50) tents available with usual limit (25 per event) unless a special consideration is approved.
  • Paper cups, plates, napkins.


The fine print  -  RE/MAX Edmonton Area and GA offers these items, services, assistance to community organizations, fundraisers, events, academic organizations, athletic organizations and festivals.  All items are FREE, no cost to your organization.  We do however ask that you recognize the following guidelines,

Minimum 4  weeks notice required for bookings, If you have resources overnight Security is the responsibility of the borrower.  NO BBQ's or heaters allowed inside of tents or inflatables.  Charges may be applied for items required prior to 09:00 or after 22:00 hrs.  Cleaning and repair charges will be charged for inflatables and large tents. (These charges will be applied to booking person/office/association/group).

Please ensure an insurance certificate is emailed to naming "RE/MAX Real estate" and "Rosetown Group Ltd" minimum 7 days prior to the event.
Insurance Certificates -Applies for use of pop-up tents only


All recognition for this donation is to be credited as "Re/Max Edmonton & Area Associates".  Please note that we have a non compete clause and ask that no other real estate agent/associate office have any branding on site regardless of company.  The only real estate branding permitted is "RE/MAX"(no office or agent individual branding whether with RE/MAX or any other company).

We ask that you provide security at any time that RE/MAX Edmonton & area GA  resources are in your care and control both during a scheduled event and at all other times.

We ask that you speak with our contractor ROSETOWN Group Ltd. if you are borrowing resources from our Edmonton storage facility to arrange pickup and drop off times that are mutually agreeable.  You must also arrange to indemnify both RE/MAX Real estate / RE/MAX Edmonton & Area GA / and ROSETOWN Group Ltd. through waiver or insurance certificate.  Please call our local contractor, Rosetown Group who will explain insurance requirements to you - Rosetown can be reached at or TEXT 780-497-8519.

Organizations agree to report any and all damage to ROSETOWN Group Ltd. to any loaned resource to ensure damaged items are not re-stocked into inventory. Organizations or individuals agree and undertake not to use loaned resources in moderate to high winds or during any other weather condition that may be deemed unsafe.  

(Tethered) Hot Air Balloon - Please note that the hot air balloon cannot be tethered under certain weather conditions such as (wind/rain/hail/snow/fog/) a determination regarding safety will be made by the operator at the event.

10' x 10' Pop up loaner tents - need to be properly anchored to ensure the safety of those attending the event.  We prohibit use our tents in unfavorable weather conditions, and the proper anchoring of tents is the sole responsibility of the borrower. If you plan to put the pop-up tents on gravel, pavement, or any non-grass surface, Rosetown Group will supply at no cost to the borrower cinder blocks for safely anchoring tents. Should a tent be damaged whether or not by the borrower - we ask that you mark the tent and identify it as "damaged" upon return to ensure, no other group receives a broken tent.  Pop-up tents are not permitted to remain set-up overnight.  If your group is using this resource over an extended period, please take down the tents each evening and set-up the following morning.

From time to time demand for resources are such that the independent contractor may deliver or pick up items or have a third party pick items up from you, in order to assist as many groups possible, you will be notified prior to any such arrangement being made.

Rosetown Group Ltd. and RE/MAX Edmonton & Area GA make every effort to maintain a stock of 50 pop up tents, however, due to wear and tear, accidental damage, etc. we may be unable to fulfil your order 100%.  We may be required to scale requests based upon our inventory of "useable pop-up tents" We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

We hope you have a very successful event!

The Edmonton & Area Community Support team!